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The Recreational Mathematics Magazine is published by the Ludus Association with the support of the Interuniversity Centre for the History of Science and Technology. The journal is electronic and semiannual, and focuses on results that provide amusing, witty but nonetheless original and scientifically profound mathematical nuggets. The issues are published in the exact moments of the equinox. It's a magazine for mathematicians, and other mathematics lovers, who enjoy imaginative ideas, non-standard approaches, and surprising procedures. Occasionally, some papers that do not require any mathematical background will be published.
Examples of topics to be adressed include: games and puzzles, problems, mathmagic, mathematics and arts, math and fun with algorithms, reviews and news.
Recreational mathematics focuses on insight, imagination and beauty. Historically, we know that some areas of mathematics are strongly linked to recreational mathematics - probability, graph theory, number theory, etc. Thus, recreational mathematics can also be very serious. Many professional mathematicians confessed that their love for math was gained when reading the articles by Martin Gardner in Scientific American.
While there are conferences related to the subject as the amazing Gathering for Gardner, and high-quality magazines that accept recreational papers as the American Mathematical Monthly, the number of initiatives related to this important subject is not large.
This context led us to launch this magazine. We will seek to provide a quality publication. We shall endeavor to be read with pleasure. In mathematics, the most important are the underlying ideas and nothing is as exciting as an amazing idea. So, we seek sophistication, imagination and awe.
Starting with Volume 3, Issue 5, RMM is published by De Gruyter.
ISSN 2182-1976


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