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3D Anamorphic Sculpture and the S-Cylindrical Mirror
Karen Mortillaro
Stand in just the right place in front of a painting and see an image. Stand in any other position, and the image distorts to become unrecognizable. That is an anamorphic image. The ancient Greeks used such images. Artists of the Renaissance explored the concept in paintings and murals. A great leap forward was made in 17th century France when artists made drawings that had to be viewed with the aid of a cylindrical mirror. In this work we show how anamorphism appears in sculpture, creating distorted 3D scenes that can be viewed in normal proportions in a mirror mounted within the piece. We show examples that use many kinds of cylindrical mirrors but also irregular and S-shaped wave mirrors.
Mirrors, anamorphosis, 3D anamorphic sculpture, vertical S-cylindrical mirror, Alice in Wonderland
Published: 2015/09/23
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Karen Mortillaro
Master Sculptor,

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