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The 5-Way Scale
Joshua Lee, Tanya Khovanova
In this paper, we discuss coin-weighing problems that use a 5-way scale which has five different possible outcomes: MUCH LESS, LESS, EQUAL, MORE, and MUCH MORE. The 5-way scale provides more information than the regular 3-way scale. We study the problem of finding two fake coins from a pile of identically looking coins in a minimal number of weighings using a 5-way scale. We discuss similarities and differences between the 5-way and 3-way scale. We introduce a strategy for a 5-way scale that can find both counterfeit coins among 2k coins in k+1 weighings, which is better than any strategy for a 3-way scale.
coin weighings
Published: 2019/10/14
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Joshua Lee

Tanya Khovanova

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